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Bamboo & wood | OL-A Products
TESSERA Bio Products® wooden series come from 100% natural birch tree. Birch is a deciduous tree that reaches a height of 20 to 25 meters. It grows in cold climates and wet soil and it is highly resistant to moisture. Birch wood is a hard and durable material. During the production of disposable wooden items, no chemical additives are used.

Wooden TESSERA Bio Products® are manufactured from forests with responsible management. These products are the eco – alternative to disposable plastics.

TESSERA Bio Products® series also has disposable tableware from Bamboo. The well-known Bamboo plant can reach up to 40 meters in height and it is very robust. It thrives in deep and fertile soils, unreachable to cold winds. Bamboo rods are naturally harvested, and utensils made from them are free of chemical additives. Our bamboo table wares are produced from plantations with responsible management. Choose bamboo TESSERA Bio Products® and protect the environment.

Wooden forks - spoons & knives
Wooden spoons for desserts or ice cream
Two prong & trident design forks
Wooden stirrers
Wooden toothpicks
Bamboo picks
Bamboo skewers
Bamboo chopsticks
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