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Palm leaf | OL-A Products
TESSERA Bio Products® utensils from palm leaves come from the ARECA palm tree variety. These specific trees grow in Asian countries, especially in India, as they are favored by the tropical climate. ARECA palm leaves can reach up to two meters in length! When the leaves ripen, they fall, and collected by the producers to be used as raw material for the manufacture of these wonderful, completely natural tableware. After their collection, the palm leaves are cleaned, sterilized, placed in molds and compressed. Pressure applied to them gives their final shape. None of the utensil is the same as the other because each leaf is unique. So, nature itself gives us its own dishes, plates, and bowls. Enjoy your food in TESSERA Bio Products® palm leaf tableware and feel as one with nature!
Palm leaf plates
Palm leaf bowls
Palm leaf tray and platter
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