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Paper | OL-A Products
According to Chinese tradition, the invention of paper dates back to 105 A.D., when Tsai Lun, a great court official, expressed his inspiration to the Han-dynasty emperor Ho-ti. His idea was to create paper from materials such as tree bark, hemp fibers, old rags, and pieces of silk. He mashed all these materials by pounding them in the water. Afterwards he poured the pulp on a flagstone and let it dry in the sun. The art of making paper spread rapidly throughout the world.

Paper has proven to be a timeless invention and now it is also used to make many kinds of disposable products. TESSERA Bio Products® paper table wares are environmentally friendly, as they are produced from forests with responsible management. This ensures that forests are not destroyed through this process. Furthermore, the series includes disposable products without plastic coating, or with a biodegradable and compostable coating (PLA) which can be recycled, biodegraded, and composted with the minimum environmental footprint. Choose them and make the difference!

Food boxes & trays
Corrugated paper food boxes
Wood pulp food boxes
Paper plates
Corrugated paper cupholders
Kraft paper take away bags
Kraft paper pizza boxes
Pizza box bottoms
Paper straws
Kraft paper sleeves for paper cups
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