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The sugarcane plant first appeared and cultivated in the South Pacific islands. In fact, New Guinea is considered as the homeland of sugarcane. This precious plant can grow very quickly even though it can reach 3 to 6 meters in height. TESSERA Bio Products® from sugarcane are manufactured from the so-called Bagasse, i.e. from the residual fibrous material that remains after the sugar cane is compressed to produce sugar. Precisely because it is a by-product of sugar, its collection does not require additional arable land.

Bagasse utensils have very good properties. They are stable, robust, and sturdy. They can withstand very low and very high temperatures and therefore are suitable for use in freezers and microwave ovens. They are also resistant to water and fat and can contain hot, greasy foods and snacks. The TESSERA Bio Products® utensils from Bagasse can offer ecological and environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

Sugarcane sip lids
Sugarcane lids
Sugarcane plates & platters
Sugarcane food boxes
Sugarcane bowls
Sugarcane food containers - safe lock
M/W sugarcane food containers
M/W sugarcane food containers with flat lids
M/W sugarcane food containers – multiple compartments

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Sugarcane dressing cups & bowls
Sugarcane sushi trays
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