Food Container M/W 600 ml. Oval Rectangular Transparent Lid 3×50 pcs.

Oval Rectangular dish for microwaves 600 ml in black color. Available in a set with transparent lid. 

Maximum temperature when serving is 70 degrees Celsius. It is microwave safe at 1000W for 3 minutes without the lid. The operating instructions of the electrical appliance must always be taken into account.

Use these unique utensils to serve a large portion of food. The raised lid does not pressure the contents. Combine it with the other sizes in the ovalware range. (Cherry), as well as with PP sauce bowls with removable lid (QSCPP2-4), and with round black M/W dishes, (Q0024RB- Q0030RB) which also have a transparent lid. As a result, you will offer food utensils and accompanying sauce or salad utensils of the same aesthetics.


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