Kraft Paper Food Box FSC® Dura Series 20,5 x 10 x 5 x 8 cm.

Material: Paper

Dimensions: 20,5 x 10 x 5 x 8 cm.

Packaging: 9 x 50 pcs.

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Kraft paper food container, in natural brown colour, suitable for the most delicious brunch dishes of your menu, but also for regular portions or other snacks. Ideal for home or shop delivery.

A recyclable paper lunch box in natural colour with FSC® certification. No plastic film coating. A special feature of the Dura range is that these are utensils that do not need to be assembled, as they are delivered ready to use!

They are resistant to low and high temperatures. They are not suitable for watery foods.

Choose this utensil to ensure the safe transport of a full meal and combine it with a Kraft paper bag for a uniform and environmentally friendly packaging!

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