Wood Pulp Club Sandwich Box 22 x 17,6 x 5,5 cm.

Material: Corrugated Paper

Dimensions: 22 x 17,6 x 5,5 cm

Packaging: 1 x 100 pcs.

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Double sheet food box with wavy (wafer-like) kraft paper internal, in dimensions of 22 x 17,6 x 5,5 cm. No plastic coating. Suitable for club sandwiches.

A natural product, strong and durable, with an embossed texture on the inside, which gives a special appearance and keeps food crispy. Not recommended for watery foods and the maximum serving temperature is 90 degrees Celsius.

Indispensable for every catering professional. Ideal for serving hearty club sandwiches at any time of the day outdoors or indoors, and for serving delivery or takeaway orders.

Combine with TESSERA bio products® wooden serving utensils for a complete packaging package proposal.

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