Palm Leaf Round Bear Plate Ø25 cm.

Material: Palm Leaf

Dimensions: Ø 25 cm, Ø9.85”

Packaging: 8 x 25 pcs

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Plate made of palm leaves, diameter Ø25cm, ideal for serving dine-in customers, or for parties and beach bars. Especially made for children's parties in kindergartens, nurseries, playgrounds, camps.

A natural plate 100%, without plastic coating; it is biodegradable and compostable. Suitable for freezer and microwave 1000W ovens up to 2 minutes, for cold and hot foods.The children's favourite dish for their parties!

It is a stable, sturdy and safe dish for holding food. Each and every plate has its own unique look. Highly fatty foods are suggested to be served up to 30 minutes before consumption..

Impress our little ones by decorating their birthday party table with these cheerful, natural and eco-friendly dishes. Combine them with the platters or even the palm leaf salad bowls and create beautiful, natural and friendly to the environment disposable dinnerware impressing young and old alike.

Extra Tip: For additional protection of the product from moisture, a drying bag is included in the package.

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