Palm Leaf Rectangular Platter 21×30 cm.

Material: Palm Leaf

Dimensions: 21×30 cm 11.81”x8.27”

Packaging: 4 x 25 pcs.

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Palm leaf tray, rectangular, 30x21cm, ideal for serving customers, for parties or beach bars.

A natural utensil, 100%, which has no plastic film coating; it is biodegradable and compostable. Suitable for freezer and 1000W microwave ovens up to 2 minutes, for cold and warm foods.Ideal for serving club sandwiches with potatoes, vegetable or fruit salads and various snacks.

It is stable, sturdy and safe for holding food. Each has its own unique look. Food placed in the palm leaf dishes should be consumed within a short time of serving. As an indication, it is recommended for very fatty foods to be served up to 30 minutes before consumption. Extra Tip.

Combine them with plates and bowls made of the same material, or with picks made of bamboo, if you wanna create beautiful, natural and eco-friendly disposable tableware for your customers.

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