Paper Straws FSC® Straight Kraft Ø 0.6 x 21 cm.

Material: Paper

Dimensions: Ø 0.8 x 21 cm

Packaging: 8 x 500 pcs.

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FSC® certified paper straws, straight, 0.6 cm diameter and 21 cm length, without internal plastic coating. 

Straws of excellent quality. They are made of triple-layer paper, a property that gives them particular strength, which is why they are recommended in comparison with other paper straws on the market.

Essential for every catering professional. Suitable for coffee, juices and various beverages. Their flexibility makes it easy to achieve maximum enjoyment, while the variety of 5 colours "gives" the possibility of combining each drink with its matching straw.

Choose the paper waterbased cups and cane lids from the same range for a totally eco-friendly option.


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