Sugarcane Lid Triangle Design White Color Ø 80mm.

Material: Sugarcane

Diameter 80mm.

Packaging: 20x50pcs.

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Lid with spout made of sugarcane pulp and diameter Ø 80mm, in white color and triangular design, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. It does not contain a plastic film coating.

A product that is an ideal solution to replace the corresponding disposable plastic lids. Not subject to an environmental fee. It is resistant to hot and cold beverage temperatures. Can be used in freezer up to 12 degrees for 24 hours.

Essential for any catering professional for takeaway and delivery services. Fits and adapts to 8oz paper water based cups and those with a narrow diameter with 12oz. Combine with paper straws for a complete coffee consumables proposition.

The manufacturing philosophy of these cups is based on protecting the environment and limiting the use of plastic, while being easy to use and stylish. Choose them if you wish to stand out for your choices in terms of packaging items related to the coffee industry!

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