Sugarcane Safelock Lid for Sugarcane Salad Containers 750 – 1000 ml.

Material: Sugarcane

Capacity: 750 – 1000 ml

Packaging: 4 x 50 pcs.

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Sugarcane safelock lid for sugarcane salad containers 750 - 1000 ml, in natural color, biodegradable and compostable.

A 100% natural solution, fully complying with the legislative regulations of the E.U. regarding the environmental protection. Ideal alternative to plastic, single - use lids. Durable against low and high temperatures. Suitable for freezers, microwave ovens, cold and hot food. Perfect fit for our TESSERA Bio Products® round 750 to 1250 ml sugarcane salad containers.

Must - have product for every HO.RE.CA. professional, restaurants, grill houses, hotels, fast food shops, bakeries, catering, take away and delivery services combined with its container.


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